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Living in Harmony with the Wildlife in Lake Tahoe

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Being the proud author of this book, I deeply admire LTWC and Toogee Sielsch for their devotion, love, and care for the wildlife they rescue, rehabilitate, and release. In “Living in Harmony with the Wildlife in Lake Tahoe” the mission is to educate everyone on the importance of understanding wildlife and how to safely enjoy beautiful Lake Tahoe.

In the Bear’s Tale section of the book, there are stories of popular well-loved bears and their cubs that have captured the hearts of the locals. The locals, Lake Tahoe Wildlife Care, and other organizations have great pride and respect for the wildlife in Tahoe. The wildlife is part of their family and community.

The Tahoe community encourages visitors and new locals to use their new knowledge to maintain the safety and harmonious cohabitation with the wildlife. Lori is an award-winning author, artist, wildlife advocate, wife, mother, and grandmother. Her passion for the black bears, the wildlife’s well-being, and her treasured memories of growing up in Lake Tahoe inspired her writing of this book. “Living in Harmony with the Wildlife in Lake Tahoe” is a great informative and educational book for everyone to learn their responsible part to coexist with the wildlife. An awareness that must be heard and act accordingly..

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