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Lori Howell Thompson

“REFLECTIONS” is a suspense thriller set in present-day Montreal.
Revenge breeds murder.

“REFLECTIONS” is a story of a top criminologist and a forensic anthropologist, Dr. Bailey Fairchild, who unveils a terrorizing secret that puts her life in peril. Dr. Fairchild finds herself the target of a vicious serial killer. She has the remarkable ability to see into the mind of serial killers and understand exactly what they’re thinking. For years, Dr. Fairchild has helped police catch terrifying murderers across North America… now, after Dr. Fairchild’s grandfather is murdered, she finds herself on the other side of the law when she becomes the chief suspect in a murder.

Little does Dr. Fairchild realize that the serial killer and her grandfather’s murderer is her identical twin sister, Rachel Ralston (a sister she never knew existed). In order to survive and catch her murderous sister, Dr. Fairchild will have to use all her courage to expose her evil twin and bring her murderous rampage to an end.

Rachel Ralston was married to a forensic criminologist, Dr. Ralston. They had one son. Her husband registered to speak at Dr. Fairchild’s lecture in Canada. When he viewed Dr. Fairchild’s website, he was in shock of his discovery. Dr. Fairchild was an identical twin to his wife.

On the day of their flight to Canada, Dr. Ralston and their son were killed in a plane crash; there were no survivors. The news was so unbelievable and disturbing that Rachel (the twin) could not cope. She had a nervous breakdown and was institutionalized for one year. When she was released, she had only one mission on her mind, revenge. Rachel’s mission to frame Dr. Fairchild as the serial killer is soon to be accomplished. She takes a deep breath as she relishes on her thoughts, “Her life is soon to be mine!”

“REFLECTIONS” will leave the audience gripping on the edge of their seat in terror, desperate to find out how this story will end.


Screenplay writer: Manuel “Max” Freedman

Author: Lori L Howell

Category: Crime ~ Drama ~ Murder Mystery ~ Romance ~ Suspense ~ Thriller ~ Plot Twists


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