About the Book

REFLECTIONS” is a terrifically exciting pulse-pounding mystery that entwines you in suspense. A promise to be the next NY Times Bestseller.



REFLECTIONS is a terrifically exciting pulse-pounding mystery that entwines you in suspense. 

Dr. Bailey Fairchild, a Forensic Anthropologist, must rely on her skeleton corpse for her life.  The more evidence and DNA that piles up, it cements a conviction that she is the murderer. 

Dr. Fairchild is running out of time, there’s a warrant for her arrest, and the serial killer is now hunting her like prey. Horror has now entered into her veins, pumping fear throughout her body as she stands six feet across from her latest unveiling; a part of her that she never knew existed; an identical twin.

Story Plot Lines

Chance of Redemption

Dr. Fairchild arrives at the motel in Montreal. The motel is surrounded by FBI agents and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.  FBI agent Rivers motion Dr. Fairchild to come towards him. He briefs Fairchild on the hostage scenario.  As she walks towards the motel room, she hears the cocking sound of guns.  She motions them to stand down. The room door is ajar by an officer down.  There’s enough gap in the doorway for her to see the alleged serial killer, a young girl holding a gun, trembling, and wearing a torn shirt. Fairchild walks closer to the door with her hands up to indicate that she is unarmed.  She’s able to see the hostage sitting in a chair. The young girl aims the gun at Fairchild.  Fairchild slowly walks into the room and tries to negotiate with the young girl to give her the gun and surrender. Fairchild recognizes the perpetrator as seventeen-year-old Alayna Dupree. Alayna begins explaining the hostage is the Chief of Police and she was there to protect the girls. Alayna a runaway and a victim of sex trafficking sold by her stepfather. Alayna points to the bathroom. Fairchild enters the bathroom and finds two girls, 10 and 11 sitting on the floor handcuff together.

The next day front-page headline reads Chief of Police, Raymond Cote arrested for his international sex trafficking ring involving recruitment, harboring, transportation, and bribery. Mr. Cote is also being charged with international drug trafficking and the murder of police officer Clyde Franceir.

Web of Deceit

A horticulturist group discovers the badly decomposed headless corpse of a young woman in the cranberry bogs of Southern New Jersey. State forensic scientist, Dr. Katherine Kendall, turns for help with the case. That helper would be Montreal-based forensic anthropologist, Dr. Bailey Fairchild. The corrupt Atlantic City Mayor betrays his nephew Dr. Huntington Jr., a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon by making a deal with Dr. Fairchild to save his own life.


The night before traveling to New Jersey to aid Kendall, Bailey is viciously attacked in her condo. When Bailey comes to, she manages to call her assistant, Libby Grayson, to come to her aid. Despite her injuries, Fairchild makes the trip. From the moments before she was attacked, she feels like she is being followed.

The Set-Up

The Fairchild organization is contacted by the FBI regarding a particularly vicious serial killer. They summon her to Washington DC to have her aid in the solving of the case. She cannot tell yet if the cranberry bogs case is part of the serial killer insanity or another. As more and more victims are found tied to the unknown assailant/assassin, Bailey begins to suspect that the killer is framing her for the murders. The game changes when she realizes she is the serial killer she is hunting for.

Video evidence, eye-witness identifications, detectives’ analyses, and her own forensic logic lead Dr. Fairchild to start believing that she is the next victim. She knows she is followed everywhere she goes. Alabama, for instance—when she flies there because her beloved grandfather is found in a coma and is expected to die. A note pinned to her grandfather’s shirt read “family secret”???

Agent Jaxon Rivers arrives early at the Atlantic City airport.  Dr. Kendall schedules a meeting for the two of them. While Jaxon is walking to the baggage terminal, he notices a woman wearing a floppy hat following him. At first, he shrugged it off as a coincidence. His thought changed when she gave him a glimpse through the side of the floppy hat as she waves down a cab.  What caught his eye is her spitting image of Dr. Fairchild.

The Black Rose

Dr. Fairchild tried to relax during the flight. She spent more time looking over her shoulder.  Everyone is a suspect, especially women.  After her last encounter, Dr. Fairchild scoped the plane she doesn’t want a repeat of that flight, someone left a floppy hat on her lap. She made a point to stay awake.  She asked the flight attendant for a glass of wine.  Started reviewing her notes trying to find a common denominator a connection between the murders. The only connection is the woman wearing the floppy hat.  Exhaustion from her emotions, lack of sleep, fear, and wine put her into a drooling slumber.  The attendant taps her to wake up and motions to see the black rose lying across her chest.  Her notes still on her lap. Startled, she asks the attendant if she saw anyone near her, she shakes her head side to side.  Apologizes for not witnessing anything.  Fairchild asks other passengers if they saw anyone near her.  Same response, no.

DNA Mystery

During this time, Fairchild unearths clues that will forever change the landscape of her life. The DNA evidence matches Dr. Fairchild, her grandfather, and a second female identity unknown.

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Dr. Bailey Fairchild receives a black rose with a card attached…”Mirror Mirror on the Wall, who’s the greatest of them all, the baby left for dear, bundled like a ball”! Unbeknownst to her until now, she learns that she has an identical twin sister separated at birth named Rachel.

Live Bait

With Rachel appearing then instantly disappearing at every turn, authorities want to use Bailey as bait. Suspense and danger rise.

The question is, will she be able to lure Rachel out of hiding in time to save her loved ones?

Murder, revenge, and betrayal set the path to Evil vs Good.

Meet the Characters

Dr. Bailey Fairchild

Dr. Bailey Fairchild is the main protagonist, an intelligent, straightforward, highly skilled forensic psych anthropologist.

Strong-willed in solving all cases with a “pit bull on a bone” determination. Flirtatious and sassy. Her sultry looks enchant men and is every women’s nightmare.  Her assertiveness many times is mistaken for arrogance. She lacks social skills when it comes to sarcasm, she tends to overanalyze. Her constant “business attitude” can be annoying. She is well-respected amongst her peers. She is trustworthy and loyal to her friends and colleagues. Her passion is a foundation that she created in the healing for abused women and children the Special Rescue Program.

Her comfort zone is working with the medical examiner, the FBI, and law enforcement to decipher clues left behind in the victim’s bones. Awkward in romantic relationships, she suppresses any spark that tries to ignite her passion to avoid becoming vulnerable. She has a bantering relationship with FBI agent, Jaxon Rivers, he follows his gut more than his partner Dr. Fairchild, he sees with his own eyes rather than what’s under a microscope. 

She hungers for the ability to connect on a deeper level with a man. She is a woman in emotional turmoil, in conflict with her very self as she struggles to integrate the many facets of her personality into one strong, capable, self-assured, and yet compassionate and warm, human soul. This is an evolutionary process, and one not to be dismissed.

Jaxon Rivers

FBI Special Agent, Jaxon Rivers is stoic, works great under pressure, and is strategic professionally, as well as in his moves with the ladies. Ladies are charmed by his rugged cowboy looks accented by his charismatic smile. Has exceptional skills and abilities in critical thinking and problem solving when investigating crimes that cross multiple jurisdictions. He was a US Marine sharpshooter trained at Quantico. Agent Rivers is of sound mind and strong spirit.

His impeccable expertise in getting into the serial killer’s mind complements in solving murder cases with Dr. Fairchild. Rivers’ personality traits in many ways are opposite of Fairchild, his playful side clashes with her constant business attitude. Their differences define “Opposites Attract” which has created an electrifying environment that Agent Rivers finds attractive and confusing.

Rachel Keen-Ralston

Rachel Keen-Ralston is Dr. Fairchild’s unknown twin. Her sultry beauty reflects her identical looks as Dr. Fairchild. Rachel’s sultry looks equip her successfully to manipulate men to her advantage.

Trained to be a prima ballerina in the UK. She is talented, smart, cunning, ruthless, and conniving. Rachel was secretively adopted at birth by a Texas oil tycoon and his wife. Rachel is their only child.

As an adult, she is anything but a sweet ballerina with the world in her hands. What secrets in her life caused her to derail?

Dr. Katherine Kendall

Dr. Katherine Kendall the Chief Coroner-Medical Examiner of Atlantic City, New Jersey. Her gregarious personality makes her popular with her colleagues. Her petite physique adorned by long wavy hair accentuates the bubbly persona.

Has a genius IQ. She graduated from the University of North Carolina in Charlotte; her professor was Dr. Fairchild.

Dr. Kendall is an expert in forensic science and criminal law. Highly respected for her skills as an artist who specializes in restructuring facial features and crime scenes.

She is Dr. Fairchild’s best friend and confidant. She respects Dr. Fairchild’s socially awkwardness and finds it at times, entertaining. Dr. Kendall is single and has no desire to be in a long-term relationship.

Enjoys playing a bit of cat and mouse in a relationship. She will tell you this isn’t due to a Fear of Intimacy, she’s just purging until she finds Mr. Right.

Perry Sinclair

Perry Sinclair has an attractive personality, a good sense of style, and polished behavior. He is tall, good-looking, and intelligent.

Perry is a District Attorney in Ontario Canada. He is politically savvy grooming to become a senator in Quebec.

Perry works closely with Dr. Fairchild solving serial killer cases throughout Canada. They’ve maintained a professional respectful partnership in spite of their on-again, off-again love affair.

Korey Scott

Korey Scott is easygoing and cheery with striking good looks. He has a master’s in music.

Korey’s’ sense of humor is one of his charming personality traits and a defense mechanism. A well-skilled forensic criminologist, Korey provides valuable insight working with Dr. Fairchild, finding out how the killers committed murders.

His long-term friendship and adoration for Dr. Fairchild strengthens his desire to work closely with her. His feelings for Dr. Fairchild are spiraling to a different level.

Libby Grayson

Libby Grayson, Dr. Bailey Fairchild’s business and personal assistant has an uncanny way of sticking to pertinent details. Libby is annoying too most when she is quite friendly.

She is devilishly cunning and attractive. She is a heel-stepping go-getter. Libby is obsessed with Dr. Fairchild’s life, in all aspects, more so, her suitors. It is all about advancement at any cost, Libby makes no bones about letting everyone know she’d do whatever it takes to weave herself into society’s elite.

There is an aspect of respect for the way she has no shame, with an honest (almost to a fault) portrayal of a young woman trying to make it on her own.

You will either love or hate her depending on her intent.

Paddrick (Paddy) Fairchild

Paddy Fairchild is Dr. Bailey Fairchild’s grandfather. His facial expression is stern, but handsome. He is kind, wise, loving, and has a gentle soul. He can be stubborn and reluctant to accept change. He is from Ireland. Retired as a Colonel in the Army in Alabama.

His only child, Bailey’s mother died in childbirth, she was raped at 17 and she decided to keep the baby. There is a family secret that he is hesitant to tell Bailey. The loss of their child and dealing with the tragedy that their daughter endured was too much for Paddy’s wife; she passed away when Bailey was three.

He raised Dr. Fairchild in Alabama with an abundance of unconditional love, taught her morals and ethics. He is proud of his granddaughter’s accomplishments.

He had a hard time when Dr. Fairchild moved to Canada in pursuit of her career. He calls her his “Snowbird”.