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An Adventure with Joshua and Rocky the Otter


Author and Illustrator Creates Beautiful Children’s Book Series Encouraging Children to Find Confidence

Lori L. Howell, an award-winning author and artist, inspires courage in her second children’s book, “An Adventure with Joshua and Rocky the Otter”

An Adventure With Joshua And Hoppy Frog - Book Cover

SAN JOSE, Calif. – Author and illustrator, Lori L. Howell, was inspired to write a children’s book series after her grandson experienced some difficult circumstances at birth and her family was unsure about his long-term physical capabilities. Howell developed characters that would inspire children, like her grandson, to find courage, self-esteem and, ultimately, confidence!

“An Adventure with Joshua and Rocky the Otter,” one of the books in the series, is an inspirational and entertaining children’s book featuring beautiful illustrations about an adventurous boy named Joshua who meets Rocky the Otter while on a trip to the beach. Rocky, who is afraid of swimming out far in the ocean, is encouraged by Joshua to swim past his limits and it sets the two of them on a series of adventures.

Howell developed the illustrations for this book while visiting the Monterey Bay Aquarium, where she saw the beautiful landscape and adorable otters.

“I have married my love of writing and painting and it resulted in a beautiful relationship,” Howell said. “I enjoyed creating ‘An Adventure with Joshua and Rocky the Otter,’ which is a wonderful expression of my two artistic passions.”

Howell’s second book in this series, “An Adventure with Joshua and Hoppy Frog,” teaches children to have strong self-esteem. Between these two books, Howell hopes to build children’s confidence and prepare them for great success!


“An Adventure with Joshua and Rocky the Otter”

By Lori L. Howell

ISBN: 978-1-4808-6689-8 (softcover); 978-1-4808-6690 (hardcover); 978-1-4808-6688-1 (electronic)

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About the author

Lori L. Howell is an author, poet and artist. She studied at the Heald’s Business College, Monterey Peninsula and CSUMB and retired from the corporate and medical field after 41 years. She now enjoys being a full-time writer and artist and has published three books so far- one thriller novel and two children’s books. Her thriller novel, “Reflections,” became an award-winning screenplay (co-written by Manuel Freeman). She is an established children’s book author and was interviewed by the Children’s Miracle Network in 2004. To learn more, please visit



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