by Lori L. Howell


I surrender to you my broken heart for the only way I can move
forward is to close my eyes and realize, that doing it my way leads
me to loneliness and destruction.  God I surrender to you, for my life
now will be peaceful and free.
There’s nothing in this world that will keep me from loving you,
you are the only way.  Trusting you, knowing that I must listen
to your voice for guidance and to always obey.
I surrender; I no longer want to control my destiny.  God, I am
yours for victory.
God, you are the Father of Hope.  I surrender my tears to you.
Hope is the anchor to my soul when there is nothing left to keep me
holding on.  My tears is an ocean waiting for you to part into a sea of
peace and joy.  Father, my cries are no longer from pain, but of the
glory from the miracles within me.
I Surrender Me to You for Life

Featured image Photo by Darius Bashar on Unsplash