by Lori L. Howell Thompson


I trust you Lord that you will hear and feel through my silence,

the unspoken words expressing all my fears,

thoughts too deep that only can be described through my tears.

There are times that my little heart finds it hard to understand,

the strife that is in my life and to trust you Lord, that you have a better plan.

I try not to ask you why, but there are times that I’m not strong,

so I must put down my shield and allow myself to cry.

And know that you’re there, I trust you Lord that you will take this sorrow

I trust you Lord that your love will bring me a better tomorrow.

I trust you Lord for when I feel lonely and despair,

that you will bring to me someone who shows they truly care.

I trust you Lord that when my days are too long,

that you will keep me patient and strong.

I am blessed so much, by your holy touch…

I trust you Lord for your mercy and grace, trusting you

is to know your presence is in every place.

I trust you, Lord!


© Lori L. Howell 2002

Featured image Photo by berenice martinez on Unsplash