“Bicycle Built for Four”

by Lori L. Howell


On a bright sunny day as I was walking along,
There was a surprise that caught my eyes,
It was something quite fast and something quite long.


There was a green flash and it passed me with a swish,
It was a bicycle built for four driven by a fish!


He had on a bright pink hat and goggles too,
I rubbed my eyes and thought, “this just couldn’t be true”!


And when I thought I had seen it all,
An elephant was wearing an orange bikini that was too small.


Jumping up and down on the handlebars was a large green toad,
They were blowing bubbles as they past me on the road.


The toad had a yellow mitten on his head, as they passed,
They stopped me and said, “Come on little boy hop on for some fun,
It’s better to play then to mope in the sun.”


I couldn’t pass up a treat like that,
So I hopped on next to a blue-spotted cat.


We were going pretty fast down the hill,
When the fish yelled, Hey! “There’s Jack and Jill”.


Come on board, we have room for two,
I couldn’t believe my eyes, would you?


As we are heading down the hill we pass a mouse eating cheese,
The fish grabs the mouse and puts him in his hat,


I say “Oh, please…”


“This bike is only built for four, there just isn’t room for anymore”!