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Whether seeking solace, inspiration, or simply a moment of pure joy, this blog is a haven for all poetry lovers. Immerse yourself in the enchanting melodies of Lori’s verses, and let her words touch your soul.

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Explore the power of poetry and let it transform you. Welcome to In A Writer’s Mind ~ Poetry by Lori Howell Thompson, where art, authorship, and poetry combine to create a beautiful puzzle.

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“My Best Friend”


"MY BEST FRIEND" by Lori Howell Thompson   I miss those moments when you would jump up on my lap while I was trying to read a book of mystery and intrigue. Your thoughtfulness to pounce on me during my first night of quality sleep. Your wet nose rubbing my chin...

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“I Trust You Lord”


"I TRUST YOU, LORD" by Lori L. Howell Thompson   I trust you Lord that you will hear and feel through my silence, the unspoken words expressing all my fears, thoughts too deep that only can be described through my tears. There are times that my little heart finds...

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“Hidden Place”

“Hidden Place”

"Hidden Place" by Lori Howell Thompson   Each of us has a hidden place Somewhere deep within ourselves; A place where we go to get away, To think things through To be alone, to be ourselves.   This unique place, where we confront our deepest feelings,...

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“Father To Son”

“Father to Son”

"Father to Son" by Lori Howell Thompson   Oh! Lord, I am coming to you as Father to Father and Son to Son, for your guidance and wisdom. You know how much it hurts when you see your child walking in pain and blindness, be the light to guide my son through this...

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“You Are Not Alone”

“You are not Alone”

"You are not Alone" by Lori Howell Thompson You are not alone…I am here to hold your handto reassure you that I understand. You are not alone…as I sit next to your sideI hear your silence the words you hold inside. You are not alone…I am near to ease your fears,to...

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“The Journey Of Poetry”

“The Journey of Poetry”

"The Journey of Poetry" by Lori Howell Thompson   Poetry are words dancing in your mind, Becoming a fairytale of your voice, An orchestra of musical notes beating in your ears, A story that hypnotizes your eyes, the birth of poetry, a sojourner begins.Featured image...

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"Surrender" by Lori L. Howell   I surrender to you my broken heart for the only way I can move   forward is to close my eyes and realize, that doing it my way leads   me to loneliness and destruction.  God I surrender to you, for my life   now will be...

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“Bicycle Built For Four”

“Bicycle Built for Four”

"Bicycle Built for Four" by Lori L. Howell   On a bright sunny day as I was walking along,There was a surprise that caught my eyes,It was something quite fast and something quite long.   There was a green flash and it passed me with a swish,It was a bicycle built...

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“Because Of You”

“Because of You”

"Because of You" by Lori L. Howell   a loving, intelligent, kind, caring, humorous, beautiful, trust-worthy, and remarkable definition of a man.   Because of you… I am able to trust once again,   Because of you… My heart has the strength to feel within,   Because of...

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