Beautiful Locations Gallery

photos by

Lori Howell Thompson

Beautiful Locations Photographed by Lori

Lori, an extraordinary artist, writer, and poet, reveals another facet of her boundless creativity through her captivating photography. Immerse yourself in the breathtaking beauty of these enchanting locations meticulously captured by Lori’s lens.

From the tranquil allure of Soothing Rocks to the vibrant radiance of Vibrance of Light Carmel, each photograph tells a vivid story and transports you to another world.

Be Mesmerized

Lose yourself in the mesmerizing dance of White Cap Waves at Lovers Point or witness the ethereal charm of Yosemite Waterfall under the vibrant hues of a rainbow.

Lori’s Photography is Artistic

With every click, Lori’s photography showcases her artistic prowess and passion for capturing the sublime. Explore these awe-inspiring visual masterpieces and witness the world through Lori’s lens.

Beautiful Locations - A Breathtaking Photos Of Lake Tahoe

A sample of one of Lori’s Beautiful Location photos of Lake Tahoe.