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“Reflections” is a terrifically exciting pulse-pounding mystery that entwines you in suspense. A promise to be the next NY Times Bestseller.

Atlantic City is the mob’s play land; haunted by their secrets.  Secrets one dares to unveil. There are three murders; their secrets and a serial killer are all connected that horrifically change a prominent doctor’s life.Reflections 3D Book Cover


Dr. Bailey Fairchild, a Forensic Anthropologist must rely on her skeleton corpse for her life.  The more evidence and DNA that piles up, cements a conviction that she is the murderer.  Dr. Fairchild is running out of time, there’s a warrant for her arrest and the serial killer is now
hunting her like prey. Horror has now entered into her veins pumping fear throughout her body as she stands six feet across from her latest unveiling; a part of her that she never knew existed; an identical twin.


If you want to read more about the book and get character profiles, jump on over to The Reflections Book Store website. Click the More Book Details link.



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