About Lori Howell

Lori Howell, the Ardent Writer

I am a blessed mother and grandmother.  God has blessed me with a family of joy, love, and inspiration.  I am grateful that God has blessed me with the talent to write and that it’s part of my heart and soul.  Writing is like breathing; it comes naturally for me.  I live to write and write to live.  I am the happiest when I am either with a pen in my hand or at the keyboard.  There’s always a story waiting to be birthed.

I am an ardent writer.  I love to create elated characters for my children’s books; and mystery characters that are lifelike.  Stories that will capture your heart; cause you to feel empathy for a villain; love so deep it hurts when you breathe; a journey full of twist and turns; and dreams that turn into reality.

Thoughts about Lori Howell

I grew up in Pinole, California.  I graduated from Heald Business College majoring in Business Administration. I studied Creative Writing at the Monterey Peninsula College.

Poetry is the window to my soul.  You can feel every emotion within the poems that I write.  I have been writing poetry since a young girl.  A collection of poems titled “Treasured Moments” writing about my first love, my walk with God, inspirational, encouraging, for our loving pets and much much more.  I write poems as a way of setting the direction of my next writing project.  I have a forum for Poetry on my website. This is an awesome way for poets to be heard. Please share your poems in the Forum.

I love to dance, hike, and listen to classical and jazz music.

You may find me dancing at any time.  If there’s music, I am dancing – except to rap.

I love genealogy, to discover our family names and where they lived throughout the world.  I am curious to know if there are any famous writers in our genes. And, maybe a splash of royalty!

I dream traveling in Europe.  I would love to see the statue of David by Michelangelo in Florence, Italy.   I would love to see the Mona Lisa in Paris.  It would be an adventure to explore the ruins, museums, and to indulge in the beauty of the architect and the surroundings.

Children bring me much joy; their innocence, laughter, and their ability to see life full of wonder.

I am an avid reader. I love Agatha Christie, John Grisham, Sydney Sheldon, Emily Dickenson, Nora Roberts, James Patterson, Peter James; these are just a few…

If you want to know more, just email to writer@montereybay.com or send me a message on my Contact Form.