Lori Howell Thompson

Lori is an Author, Poet, and Artist. Explore Lori’s books and upcoming TV Series, Reflections.
View her paintings, book illustrations, and photographs.

Reflections - A New Series Cover Image For Bible


The TV Series Pitch

Reflections 3D Book Cover Image

Reflections is a terrifically exciting pulse-pounding mystery that entwines you in suspense.

Lori’s Passion Project

Living in Harmony with the Wildlife in Lake Tahoe

Living In Harmony With The Wildlife In Lake Tahoe - 3D Book Cover

I deeply admire LTWC and Toogee Sielsch for their devotion, love, and care for the wildlife they rescue, rehabilitate, and release. In “Living in Harmony with the Wildlife in Lake Tahoe” the mission is to educate everyone on the importance of understanding wildlife and how to safely enjoy beautiful Lake Tahoe.

Best Selling Author

Lori L. Howell

My Story

Lori creates characters for her stories; she wants them to come alive and her paintings are to mesmerize the observer.

Lori loves to support, promote, and help new and experienced artists have their artwork exposed to many people.

Lori loves Lake Tahoe, New Zealand, and Carmel. Her greatest joys besides her passion to paint and to write are being a wife, mother, and grandmother. Lori loves the mystery to find stories in everything and everywhere.

In the midst of a writing project, she likes researching for plots…her mind dazzles with ideas. Writing inspires her painting, and painting inspires her writing. Lori believes that painting and writing together is a love story.

Poetry By Lori Howell Thompson - Award Winning Author

Lori’s Other Books

3D Book Cover Image For An Adventure With Joshua And Hoppy Frog

A young boy named Joshua helps Hoppy, an unhappy frog, put the bounce back into his jump by discovering his self-worth.

An Adventure With Joshua And Hoppy Frog - Book Cover

 Joshua helps Rocky to find his courage to swim far out into the ocean.  It is something Rocky should do naturally, but he is too frightened.

Lori’s Other Passions

Bella Vista Italy Painting Through A Window


Lori’s subjects range from Landscapes, Seascapes, Nature, and People.

Illustration Of Rocky The Otter And Joshua Flying In A Colorful Hot Air Balloon


Lori’s illustrations were created for her book titled An Adventure with Joshua and Rocky the Otter

Breathtaking Lake Tahoe Crystal Clear Water Surrounded By A Rocky Shoreline And Trees.


Lori’s photographs capture shoreline scenes of crashing waves and amazing waterfalls.