My first murder mystery novel “Reflections” is available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or my website.

A promise to be New York Times Bestseller!

Atlantic City is the mobs play land; haunted by their secrets. Secrets one dares to unveil. There are three murders; their secrets and a serial killer are all…

About My Book Reflections

AMAZING NEWS! 2015 Book “Reflections” going to the movie screen 2015/2016.
Reflections” is a terrifically exciting pulse-pounding mystery that entwines you in suspense. A promise to be the next NY Times Bestseller. Atlantic City is the mob’s play land. There are three murders; their secrets and a serial killer are all connected that horrifically change a prominent doctor’s life…

Poetry by Lori

The Love of My Life

© By Lori L. Howell

Accepts me the way I am,
when she embraces me; I become a Greek God

Lures me into her fantasy web

of adventure, thrill, and suspense…

About the Author – Lori Howell

I am an ardent writer. I love to create elated characters for my children’s books; and mystery characters that are lifelike. Stories that will capture your heart; cause you to feel empathy for a villain; love so deep it hurts when you breathe; a journey full of twist and turns; and dreams into reality. Read More About Lori Howell...